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Vyajanam BLDC Remote Control Fan (Model:Smart Pro) 25 Watt

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1) Super energy saver ceiling fan with smooth start without any jerk.



4) Highest service value more than 8 (air delivery/wa).

5) This fan runs 3 mes longer on inverter resulng in longer baery life.

6) No humming noise.

7) Operang Voltage 90V-270V AC.

8) No heating of the fan even after long hours of running resulting in extra long Life.

9) Over voltage Protection: When the input voltage range goes beyond 270 V, it will automatically cutoff.

10) 1 years of limited warranty.

11) Over waage protecon: If the fan takes more waage (>45W) the fan will trip. Call the technician and the fan will work normally once over load is released. And there aer it will be switched ON by wall switch only.

12) Easy speed control using the smart remote.13) TIMER mode : Allows to auto switch OFF the fan at a predefined me period.14) SMART mode: By pressing the smart buon the fan will reduce the speed by 10RPM aer every hour upto 6 hours and maintain the speed thereaer. Again to maintain the regular speed press the buon accordingly.

15) LED light : This can be used as a night lamp and it always indicate the state of working when any button pushed.

16) Every fan is tested in extreme condions before shipping.

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