How To Add Product Pictures.

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Open the seller panel by clicking on the seller panel button

Next please use your credential user id and pass word to login in to your seller panel

as soon as you login to your seller account you will find your dashboard.

in the seller dashboard you will find a left side menu bar where you will find below mentioned menu items.

next 1st upload your picture on cloud. to start the process please click on cloud login menu.

a new tab will open like this If you have no account in cloud then please click on the Sign up For Free button and create a account on the cloudinary. its so easy. and after creating the account please confirm your account via email for security reason.

if you are the 1st time on this page please sine up for free or if you are already have a cloud account of use your credential to login.

after login you will find a cloud dashboard.

on the top next to dashboard you will find a menu in the name of media library. click on that.

on the top right corner you will find a upload button click on that

a tab will open like that. browse pictures to upload.

after complete you will find a uploaded picture tab like this

now go to the uploaded picture and you will find a copy link button on the picture. copy the picture link to pest at the product description fields One by One

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